Tidy Boys In Ibiza


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Originally Posted by McRackin
apparently tidy have parted company with dave pearce and are not coming back :!::!:

the reason for it could be because advanced vs tidy didnt bring in the numbers and didnt reflect the cost eden was paying for it and because the tidy boys dont want to do small events like a club night anymore (they want to be at large festivals as they feel they are too old/established to be playing every weekend and just want to make large events like the tidy weekender happen rather than the smaller things).....

update: apparently tidy is back to es paradis after one season at eden :!::!::!:

Just an update to the above as it wont let me reply on that thread - The Tidy Boys have not been a part of the Tidy label since earlier this year which confuses it a lot more.
They have stated they will be coming to Ibiza also but not where and when but it wont be the Tidy night so keep guessing!