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hey there, u seem2b a helpful bunch, was wonderin if u knew how i can get tickets 4oakenfold at amnesia on august7th cuz im flyin out on the 6th and gettin tickets is likely2b a problem, if u know how2get tickets or have any advice, will b much appreciated if u post a reply. Sorry bout the lazy spellin, im in a hurry :?:
there are other posts explaining this but...

...don't worry about getting tickets - no matter how big the'll get them no problem on the actual day of the party from several places
Amnesia as a 6000+ capacity so I doubt there will be a problem getting tickets!

You'll probably be able to get them on the door but if you are worried, most of the bars sell clubs tickets, infact most places seem to sell them and this goes for all resorts.
cheers m8ys, ur a good bunch, will not b rackin my brain no more :D