tickets by email for space etc



Has anyone bought tickets by email for the clubs i.e space and if so does it speed up entry and also what id is sufficient as i don't fancy getting my passport soaked wet through. Would appreciate an answer from fellow clubbers who have been this year. Bye for now.
I bought my Space tickets over the internet last year. You get a confirmation mail that you need to print out and present to them at the door (so don't do it in an internet cafe on the island with no printer). You join the VIP queue which isn't short, but it's a lot quicker than the main queue.

I'll be doing the same again this year.
Yup, with a bit of effort it is possible to get into all the clubs without paying a penny! These secrets can't be revealed though! ;) Staying till the very end of the night and speaking to the DJ is a good one, but usually a lot of people have lost the power of speach by then!