Ticket prices in ibiza are too cheap!


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Look what I have to deal with:


AED350 in current exchange rates is:

74 EURO's


64 UK pounds (it was 82 earlier this week with the currency markets).

Fat Boy is playing for 2 hours!

As I have said in other posts, this is a beach bar (which closes at 2 am), plastic glasses, no lazer lights (or lights at all) and generally poor.

At least when I pay cash to clubs in Ibiza I get some entertainment, not here.

Shocking. Is this the most expensive night (I dont say club because it is on a recalimed piece of land) ever????
Thankfully I did not go (on a Tuesday night). When i compare to opening of Space at 55 euro to BIG FAT boy slims 75 euro it makes me feel upset. I knew a few people that went and they said it was terrible. He played for less than 1.50 hours and twelve deep at the bar. The show was over at 11. Even Time Out Dubai who sold the tickets slagged it off in their latest issue. On anther note, I have won a trip tp Ibiza - again - that is three. They have given me the cash as I couldnt confirm dates which is 10000 AED!!!! (2K) Perhaps I shall stay at Pikes (if its open!)
you'll find ticket prices will be reduced this year for most events, some like cocoon might decide to keep 'em high. even pacha will likely shave a little off the top for their events.

i also know many promoters will be working the clubs harder for better deals on drinks. free with your ticket, half price before 1am, other offers, etc, etc.

€15-20 for a drink in the current situation is crazy talk.
I guess this explains where the expense came from:

DJ Cook in rehab for drink problem

Fatboy Slim battles alcohol addiction

Published: 04/03/2009

DJ Norman Cook has checked himself into rehab to battle an alcohol addiction, his manager confirmed today.
Norman Cook, who goes by the moniker of Fatboy Slim, admitted himself to a specialist on Monday.
Garry Blackburn, the star’s manager, said: “Norman is voluntarily seeking help for his alcohol problem but he’s in good shape.”
I saw him the other week outside AKA and he was in a right 2 and 8!!!

Mind you I was hardly in a position to be calling anyone else a state.:lol: