three men need 21 women...(3x7=21) for clubbing companions..

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three generous rich northeners with mucho guest list action need 21 stunning ladies to join them for clubbing companionship.....

this is a must if you want some freebies ladies...!!! ;) ;)

Dont be shy ... get in touch
We will be arriving for the week of the 22nd of june and will attending the following for sure...
sunday @ space opening (22nd)
roger sanchez - release yourself opening @pacha 23rd
pacha 30th anniversary opening party...27th

suggestion for other nights would be appreciated...
we have guest passes but no company...
las chicas sólo hermosas aplican por favor... :)
it would be rude not give it a go....!!!
you never know what you get if you dont ask
surely there must be more intrest than this.....???
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
whats their not to be serious about...!!!
its like im doing you people a some free passes to clubs during that week and we thought it would be a laugh to take some people along....spread the love an all that...!!

its not like im asking for a lot just a bit of a laugh with a few good looking liked minded ladies...!! what have you got to loose....????
the twenty one number comes from the fact we have seven nights worth of passes for ourselves +1 guest.....

thats three guest per night...!! seven nights 3X7 = 21....
think it would be a bit tight to show favourtism to one group of girls...!!
as i said...spread the love...its the spice of life my son..!!!! :p
er,just out of curiosity ,you didnt werent in ibz last year on or around the end of august :?:
we certainly were same time same place.....why do i know you????
it was a bit of a crazy week last year with all the extra work and that but it turned out OK??
you werent handing out free passes to space at any point were you??
er.....just afew !!! i said it was a busy week...hope i sorted you out some freebies..!!
that was a greatnight though...funny enough the only night we went to space that summer!!!
do you remember donna from the US??????????
RESPECT TO YOU BROTHERS..!!that was probably the best night of my summer!!
hope that film gets the airtime it deserves!!!!!!!!!!!top respect!!!!!!
you are A LEGEND IN MY HOME TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
donna still speaks very highly of you!!crazy yank
ill be there in july..leave some of those freebies for the new south wales!!!
HA HA HA HA>>>HE just emailed me to tell me you were on this msgbrd!!!

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PAST YEAR,,,the $$$£££ must be better than when we were in austria,no more f :twisted: ckin snow eh?

if you intend to be giving out more freebies then im jacking this dump in and moving to the WI for the summer...

IS THIS REALY YUSE GUYS????the three must crazy characters ive ever met.
luv u all
Why do I always miss the freebies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dammit!! We'll be down mid August; will you be going back??? ;)
Maybe next time!! Hee hee!!
Any takers yet?

Might be there around those dates..still deciding...
Wehn r u going??

heheh when r u guys going... i wanna go to the clubs you go to... much respect .... peace