This will make you smile!

Great stuff, DM! :D

I followed the link to this guy's website. What a great story.

He was a video game designer, quit to go traveling and on a whim did his first video. Then some gum manufacturer sponsored his 2006 and 2008 versions.

Really makes me want to go traveling :cry:
Yeah, I mean, you hardly get around at all, do you JM???!!!:lol:
:lol: True, Buckers

But this guy went to several times more places than I've been... I've still got huge gaps in my geography - Asia (except former USSR), Australia, S. Am. (except Argentina), Africa (except S. Africa).

And he climbed Kilimanjaro. That's my dream goal... to climb that mountain before I die.

And he danced.
great video and story, genuinely made me smile/cry.

sharing with everyone i know........
Love them both, smiled, laughed and shed a few tears ( hadn't seen the sunscreen one for years) Got to admire Matt, he really is living the "dance like nobody's watching" thing...

Thanks for sharing.