this this night will be a surprise to everyone



lisa lashes- lashed. at edan.

is a wicked night and the pre parties are dame good too.

i was at cosatline while they have 2 dj's doing a 5 deck mix...i recon this night will be a run away success looked out for the lashed girls to well fit..
west end can't agree their

i woudl spend no longer than a couple of hour in the wes end.

go to the sun set strip in sead and catch some pr-parties
yeah, go to see the strip, the sunset, have a nice meal and go to the beaches nearby! great stuff. West end only has a bad rep´cuz of vomiting stupid lager idiots, shouting and thinking that "dj sammy" and the liking is "trance" hihi!

but really west end is a nice place, could avoid some types there though!
lashed opening party was a lot better than i thought....I remember watching/listening ;) Lisa at the Sanctuary in Brum for godskitchen....she has got a right army of fans....huge banners and all sorts waving!!

when we were there a couple of mates we met there went to Lashed ans said it was VERY hard house, like all one hard im not saying that's a bad thing, a lot of ppl like their deep house music, but i would not miss Subliminal Session on a wednesday for anything!! :D
Lisa isnt as hard as it gets :)

I used to love HH and would listen to ONLY that and go to only Sundissential etc. How the tables have turned give me funky anyday of the week.