This summer..................


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Right, I know this topic has come up time and time again but I am gonna ask it anywas! :confused:

I am about 2 book Ibiza again for the 4th time! :D Dunno where I should book though! San Antonio Town or Playa D'en Bossa?

I have always stayed in San An. Apart from the idiots it has lots 2 do during the day and the lovley sunset strip. Well worth the €20 taxi fare back from Space. Other than clubbing is there any other things worth staying @ Playa D'en Bossa for?

Cheers! :)
no more, or no more less then san an i would have thought. there are prob beach activites and water sports like san an and there are shops and bars/cafes and restaurants too
playa den'bossa has a fabulous beach, with loadsa water sports (if you are into that kinda thing :lol: ) it's close to ibiza town, salinas etc. the food there is shti though
I've stayed at both sides of the island a number of times and I've come to the conclusion that I'm definitely a Playa den Bossa/Figurentes girl. The only thing I go over to San Antonio for is a couple of sunsets at Kuhmaras aand Mambos and maybe a meal at Kasbah, everything else I want is on the other side of the island. You've got Space, Bora Bora and DC10 on your doorstep and Ibiza Town is only just up the road. But as Rustywoo said the food in Playa den Bossa is shite, but if you make the effort and go out of town there are some lovely restaurants.