This could be the song of summer 2003...


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Cilla Black releases dance track

Cilla Black has released an underground dance track - a remix of her 1968 hit Step Inside Love.

She has pressed 3,000 white labels of the track under the name TS vs CB with the help of DJ Tommy Sandhu.

The Shadow Lounge DJ has already been playing the track - written by Paul McCartney - to clubbers.

Cilla's son and manager Robert Willis told The Sun: "This is a fun idea to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday.

"Tommy has done three mixes of Step Inside Love and we put them out as a white label to see if people pick up on it.

"It would be great if it is a summer dance hit."

Cilla has also signed a deal with record label EMI and will release a new album next year.

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