this came through my door yesterday....


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nearly missed amidst the usual cab and pizza numbers.

I would say tasteless in the extreme, given recent news events...
Haiti = the home of Voodoo amongst the indigenous tribes. 8)

Slightly botched version here to suit the westerners (i.e. - GET INSTANT GRATIFICATION IN THE FORM OF CASH/SEX CALL THIS NUMBER!...)

...but a guy's gotta live. :lol:

If he had a more grounded occupation like shop owner, mechanic or window cleaner then surely business would be booming because people would want to lend their support.

Obviously not suggesting you should call though. "Results guaranteed!" <= :lol:
omg, why is it "tasteless in the extreme" ?
only because the word HAITI is mentioned ... ridiculous

but anyway - you are the master of taste: :lol:

I thought it was strange that we've never had that leaflet through the door before - seems to the cynic in me they're capitalising on the publicity Haiti is currently getting.

as for quoting previous jokey comments I've made about Ibiza - not a lot of relevance to this really, is there...

how about you add something new to the forum instead of your constant creeping around the vaults?
He's a fake

I just called him and he asked me how he could help me.............surely if he was for real he would know??