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Just a few questions goin thru my head bout this board:

how longs it been up for?
who runs/owns it?
what post has recieved the most replies?
are there any Ibiza residents who are regulars?

Yes, i am Extemely bored! Thank f*** for the essential selection! :)
nish, you must be board ;)

the board has been online since june of last year

the board is 'owned' (run by) Ibiza Spotlight. that's what all the 'visit the main site' is about (up top) - you can read all about us in that site (not very interesting though - we'll be putting some piccies of us up online soon ;-)

we at spotlight are all ibiza regulars. i have been here for 12 years, stephen as well, and others in the team have been here over 20.

the post with the most replies has been 'introduce yourself'

god - how bored must i be to answer all that ;););)
lol, ye bored mate- are u the james that emailed me back bout the map the other day? I remember registering for this site Ages ago from my uni account but I cant get to that address anymore.

Just interested in the background coz its prob the best site for info on Ibiza (that ive come across anyways!)

Keep up the good work :)
are u the james that emailed me back bout the map

yes - good idea that. when we get some time will give that a serious think. we are actually in the process of completely overhauling our map section - will be online by the end of next week and will be FAR more useful
I lost the post it was on but I did ask a question recently about changes to this forum.

You mentioned about a forthcoming overhaul, what else is going to change?

I did ask about being able to include a photo on the member profiles.

Another thought I had would be a photos section where people can post their own pictures of their experiences from the island.

Maybe these are a bit too much, but then it was just a thought.
at the moment andi no can do.

they are however all on my list of 'would like to' :)

Robo said:
james said:
they are however all on my list of 'would like to' :)

sounds like a big list.... :lol: :lol:

Now THERE is an idea for a post... "things I would like to do before I die"

Go on robo, I am at work and dont have the time to start it.
When I first started using this site it was called something else? Out of interest, what was it called again?

Ibiza Spotlight has been 'as is' since september 1999.

before that i had a site called Ibiza Info

itsl ovely and we so much appreciate its existance...brings an every-day ibiza feeling to my life in the rain here in Copenhagen!"