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Hey guys, what's the craic?

I've been working away now in the same job for just over a year now and I'm thinking its time to move on. It's been my first job since finishing my post grad (I've about three years experience altogether) but I really want to move over the pond to the US.

Its just a thought brewing at the minute, but does anyone know of any sites that I could look for a list of ad agencies in the states? Would love to be able to check out if theres any point with the credit crunch and all that, but like I say, Im only window shopping at the minute.



It's as bad in the USA as it is here as regards the recession, if i were you id look into going to either Dubai where it's positively booming right now as my mate who lives there tells me (brilliant club scene there too;)) or Australia where by all accounts there is no shortage of work.
Haha, i'll follow the clubs...
Its just a thought at the minute, was just wondering about a site that could give me an idea about how to go around getting a job internationally... Id move anywhere to be honest.
Thanks dude,

You're in advertising/marketing aren't you??

Has your company got offices in other countries?? Or for your next move apply to an agency which is multi-national, so many of them are these days, and then look to move abroad that way, will take a bit longer but less of a risk.
Ps Majorplayers and Stopgap are 2 good recruitment agencies for Advertising/Marketing which have overseas appointments - maybe drop them a line with your CV to get a feel for other markets. I've been sent job specs for roles in Dubai and Australia before.
Cheers Babrie,

the agency im in at the minute only have two offices, the other being in Dublin. I'll check out the two recruitment agencies you said and see what the craic is... thanks for the help.