Thinking about working in ibiza this summer


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Hi guys,

Ive been desperate to get back to ibiza since i last went in 2007. However none of my mates are really into the dance scene, or are willing to go somewhere where its so expensive to club.

Anyway just thought, maybe I could go and work there for a while. The only problem is I think I would find it very hard to just turn up on my own and start looking for accom and a job. Is anyone else in the same situation? Would be great to meet someone online or whatever and plan the season together in advance. Im 21 and male and get along with prety much anybody and love clubbing and a ****load of music :lol:

Only problem is im at uni atm, and dont finish exams until the 3rd of june. Also I have a holiday booked to bulgaria on the 19th june, but would gladly cancel it for a chance at ibiza again.

Also are there any other forums I could look into?

cheers for any replies

edit: email me at soundboy.ftw at , or msn on the same address.
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I would think that by the 3rd of June, most of the jobs and accommodation will have gone as the season has already started. Just my humble opinion!!!
Hey soundboy,

I'm planning on going over in End of June time if not a bit earlier. I'm currently going alone, the main reason being my mates arent into 'that type of music' also! Anyway i'm going with an offer of PR work for a club in San Antonio so there are jobs going!
Let me know if you get any further with your plans :)