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Just read the Es Vedra tread, an island which visiting (or seeing at least) is one of my 99 things to do before i die. Which got me thinking, does anyone else have a similar list? Places you want to visit, Things you want to achieve, etc

The list of 99 would obviously be too long for a forum, so i'll share my top 5 with you,

5. Stand atop the twin towers (this has been superceeded with visiting ground zero)
4. Fly on Concord (As this can't be achieved, I settled for a tour of the one at Manchester airport) (Completed)
3. visit each of the great wonders of the world (grand canyon, taj mahal, niagra falls, great wall etc)
2. Gain my private pilots licence
1. Find my soulmate, my one true love (Completed)

Just thought it'd be nice to share, what are yours???
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i would like to travel around australia and south america. (want to see as much of the world as i can but these r my main ones)

learn another language (spanish)

have a kid or two:eek:
Bring my kids and give them the best I can. Make sure they are happy.

See a lot more of the world. Want to do places like Nepal, Peru most of Latin America and actually North America.

Learn a language is a must. Properly and not just ask for ham.

Learn to mix/DJ as for someone who has a passion for the music/life seems a waste not to be able to do it. I have mixed and nearly had a seizure.

Learn to drive. Must lose the attitude that driving is for people who can't afford cabs.

Sky dive. Tandem jump i'll accept.

Meet Olly. Make him laugh.

Marry the missus. That could be the death of me.

Star in a film or TV show preferably 24 if Jack Bauer rung in ill with a case of the Eartha Kitts. Will accept gameshow. Bullseye preferably. Jim Bowen though not Dave Pikey.

See Tottenham and Chelsea get relegated. Watch the Hammers become the global force in football that they should be :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
1. Kenya (Masai Mara) and Uganda on safari to see wildlife and meet the silverback gorillas in the jungle. (intend to complete this mission in 2009)

2. Trek to everest Basecamp and go missing in action for at least 12 months in India. (am imagining cringeworthy pictures of me covered in white robes and sitting in lotus position in a remote ashram somewhere :lol: :oops:)

3. Go to a David Mancuso loft party in NYC.

4. Attend the burning man festival.

5. Dive the red sea, learn about Egypt and visit the pyramids whilst avoiding tourist buses and audio tours at all costs.

6. Complete the mission to Ayres Rock - hopefully with some Aboriginal elders in tow. :lol:

7. Live in a foreign country for at least a year (hoping my agency will open an office in Barcelona so I can settle in a decent job - I can't bear the thought of scrabbling around for pennies on a student wage).

8. Perfect the art of jazz improv on my piano.

9. Go to Ibiza when it's as good as it was in the late 90s (will that ever happen again? :cry:)

10. Attend one Danny Paradise's yoga retreats at 'THE lakes' in Thailand - ...possibly one of the most amazing places on earth.

11. Try to avoid doing any booooring corporate work for the rest of my life.

12...a friend has just arrived and I'm off for a roast...laterrrrr. ;)

Gosh that was a perfect Sunday morning activity. :D
my ambitions include

having sex in a cable car
becoming famous and causing outrage on US television by saying "I'm athiest and PROUD of it"
dressing up as a druid at one of discoplayer's cyber-moon parties
overthrowing the government in a coup d'etat and repealing the Misuse of Drugs Act
tracking down and torturing the bully who used to chuck my pencil case around in primary school
winning a holiday for two on family fortunes
winning the affections of Sophie Ellis-Bextor
watching Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-4 in the european cup final
riding a white horse into the ministry of sound and depositing a giant turd on the dancefloor (the horse, not me)
God - I'm worrying about my list of things to do before I'm 30.... let alone before I die!!

My list kind of goes...

Travel again extensively for a year - probably the Americas

Live and work abroad for a year (New York?)

Write a book

Run the Marathon

That's about it really... my life plan is still very much TBC at the moment :)

See Mount Everest
not as difficult as one might imagine

thats very true! :lol:

i wanna:

1: dive with the biggest great white shark in existence & take 1000's of fotos
2. trek through india, nepal & tibet whilst attending some hippytrippy courses
3. have my fashion bits&bobs on the cover of vogue (modelled by moss)
4. swim naked (as many times as i can)
5. get sasha to sign my 1st pressing of northern exposure1 (next to the one from digweed)
6. ski japan
seriously, I would love to go to one of your events - for pure comedy value (I would promise not to embarrass you)