They are everywhere

i saw that and can only imagine the amount of people gettin their door chapped by the police because some wise guy's decided to set the alarm bells ringing thinking it would be funny.
Usual caveat about the horrific nature of the crime but, episode 1001 of a continuing series of LIFE BECOMES LIKE A BRASS EYE EPISODE>


you wonder if people in future will watch brass eye and just not find it funny at all, because it's actually normal.

quadruple gulp.

**** sakes

Panic over! Facebook have said no.

Jim Gamble, head of Ceop, said the button needed to be on the front page of every Facebook profile page.
"So that children are reassured and empowered, so are their parents, and offenders are deterred. That's the key.

People like him are more responsbile for scared kids than the paedeatricians themselves.