these guys should be gods not dj's



:rolleyes: :D

slipmatt what a legend, alex p and brandon block pure class.
and eddie lock true ibiza guys and mc c (the shamen)

what him do a 3 deck mix, while scratching and mc old shamen lirics over the top truely one of the best sets i have ever seen

or slipmatt and lime (sl2) doing an oldskool set at the sundance wickid.

what do you guys think? :lol: :lol: 8)
mr c turned up at bora bora a couple of years back. he was soooooo blasted that after a couple of tracks he had to get his mate to take over whilst he leant against the wall.
maybe its just too many chemicals at the end of a mad spangle session down at trade, but
:!: e j doubell :!:

out of this world!!!