The Zoo Project Ibiza 2015 | todos los sábados | Benimussa Park

Zoo What Makes You Happy! :: The Zoo Project Ibiza

So much love! Sometimes it's important to remember what the dance floor is all about. Anyone who's been in Ibiza for longer than five or six years will remember the true spirit of Ibiza and that's what we try to keep alive - sunshine, colour, fresh air, smiles, hugs, laughter and good music.

No moody vibes, no egos, not dressing the same as every other person but expressing yourself and bringing personality to the party - everyone together feeling the moment and getting loved up! :)


Extinction is a harsh reality facing many critically endangered species in the Amazon rainforest.

We're raising money for monkeys (and other animals) to help a wildlife shelter buy a patch of rainforest in the Amazon.

Our crowdfunding campaign is live so check down the back of the sofa and see if you can spare a few euros. Free Zoo Project tickets and loads of other goodies up for grabs ;)

Here's the link:
That was emotional! Gracias to every person who danced, performed, DJ'd, worked or got freaky with us on the dance floor this season! Keeping it true to the spirit of Ibiza. Everyone coming together as one, feeling the moment. See you all in summer 2016 :)