The Villa Party 2004


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I know this may have been posted before but here we go again! This summer I will be celebrating my birthday in Ibiza for the fifth time but with a real biggy - MY 21st!!! Always seem to end up at Bambudda Grove for eats and then onto Pacha... Anyway, this year some friends and family will be coming over and looking to rent a villa for about 8-10 people for a chilled kind of bash. Does anyone know some really fantastic villas/have some amazing villa experiences over the west side of the island with possible photos of their stay? Looked at loadsa sites but luv to know YOUR experiences. - McRackin, I'm sure I can count on you for some phat piccys!!!!

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Hiya ibiza_lou,

it's my 21st this year on the 9th july i get back from ibiza on the 6th though but i'll have a big night ahead of me when i get back!!

anyway happy 21st birthday for then :)