The tune that made your 2002???


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I go absolutely crazy when I hear Angie Stone "Wish I didn't miss you" can't show enough appreciation for that tune.

Anyone else got an overall fave for this year?

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I go absolutely crazy when I hear Angie Stone "Wish I didn't miss you" can't show enough appreciation for that tune.

Anyone else got an overall fave for this year?

:p :lol: :p :lol: :p :lol:

Triple definately, 100%, no-questions asked nail smacked firmly on head BOSH!!

But what about these as close runners up.....

Shakedown - At Night (Kid Creme remix)
Masters at Work - Backfired
Kid Creme - Hypnotising
Octave One - Blackwater
Donna summer - i feel love
underworld - 2 months off
together - 2 much love
cassius - sounds of violence
definately a great year for soooo many tunes, that we can't just pick one. enough songs to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, and bring a tear to your eye, excellent.

Can't get my Lycos account to work, but it'll be in the post tomorrow. No worries. U listen to it and let me know what you think.....Personally i've never heard anything as good as it. Plus most of the tunes that are on there are what we went mental to in Ibiza. You won't be able to stop singing, "I'll give you some of this sweet thing" for weeks!!! Roll on next year, when the Dr and co grace the isle once again.
aye that angie stone track is real sweet!
my other favs of the year include...

Mambana- No reason pt2
Tomas vs Filterheadz- sunshine
Praise Cats- Shined on me
Dj Marky- LK
John Julius Knight- find a friend
Renato Cohen- Pontape
Find A friend - What a tuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee

Foxy, Lisa, dirty sanchez, and anyone else who likes funky, soulful house. Must get "Soulfuric Sessions"cd. its amazing.

At the moment, top tunes are defo "Kid Creme - Down &* Under" and "Gladys Knight - Bourgie Bourgie (Pound Boys A knight with anne remix)"
aye, it is hella kool!!
first heard it at the start of the year thanks to my fav dj on earth...
Mr Miguel Migs
x-amount, will definately check out that Soulfuric cd...
Dirty, cheers bud i'll have a look out for that one. Need to feed the CD habbit!

Some tunes to look out for:

Together - in the music (been out for a while but still class)
Together - So much love to give (people went mental on Christmas Eve to this gem!)
Alan & Fred - Running! Intro (how good is this tune???? Took me a while to get this but it's been worth the wait. 'Ave it!)
2 out of 2 can't be bad for them really can it? At first i thought it was the legendary Together who spun Hardcore Uproar, which was my first ever dance 12" record I ever bought. Alas, it wasn't, but they are still both cracking tracks.

Yep, the reference is by the man, the legend that is Sir Peter of Kay. Pure Genius.
indeed he is!!
just purchased 2 front row tickets on ebay to go see him in february... cost me 172 quid for the pair though... doh!
U jammy b@stard! I tried to get some tickets when they first came out but they sold out in hours. I've known about him for years, from his early stand-up and have just waited for him to take off. He's got to the he's going higher!! :lol: Seems that half my office has seen him apart from me. Even my bloody sister has seen him and she hadn't got a clue who he was. She wouldn't give me the tickets even though I begged. Payback is due.

He's a star mate and you will have a crackin' night. I'm jealous. Last year..... I was all hexed up! :(