THE Spice Of Life Show MAY 12


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Eddie Theonick - Open Sessamee
Alexander Kawolski - She's Worth It
Tocadisco - Street Girls
Star Chaser - I Love Green
Daft Punk - 1 More Time
Dave Dobbyns - Slice Of Heaven
Raul Rincon - Total Love
Basement Jaxx - I Beg You
Pter Giederblom - Iberium complex
Dj Lapetina - Oxidation
Curtis B - It Gets Harder
Rank 1 - The World Is Watching Me
Hybrid - FInished Symphony
Novy Vs Eniac - Pumpin
Sgt Slick - Right In The Night
Fred Baker and Greg Nash - Lunar Eclipse
Bottom Feeder - Say Yes
Blur - Song 2
I am Finn - I Love You
Dj Shah - Back To You
Beatman - The Sad Clown
Retroid - Good Morning Antarctica

I've tried to put a bit of the best of everything into this mix, so I hope you guys enjoy it.
Feedback welcome. Infact, it's appreciated. Listen Loud and Enjoy. I hope to hear your thoughts soon
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Essentially fella you really need to tighten up on the beatmatching. Quite a few instances where the beats were off. I'm not really gonna go further into anything else as its a key skill you really need to master first.
Maybe its best you stream it? I wouldn't want to waste peoples downloads and also I think its best to hear it straight thru start to finish as the bits in the middle I feel are its only, listenable bits