The search continues - HELP!


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I'm still looking to identify the name of this berluddy track.

I've unearthed it from my tape collection and remastered the dodgy recording to mp3.

It's the one with the 'the way we used to do it...' sample on.

I've uploaded it to my site and you can download it from the following link:

Would be ace if you can help me out!

Cheers. 8)
Think its actually an accapella rather than on the actual track, it sounds extremely similar to an oldie called "a little closer" by "rio rhythm band" so may have been a remix of that or used the same sample...

Yep, it certainly uses the same sample not sure how the other mixes went but the one I used to play had "a little closer" as a vocal running through most of it... Think it was the Unit 46 mix but don't quote me on that!!!

Any idea how I can listen to a sample?

That's the million dollar question. :lol::lol::lol:

Did have a look to see if I could find one on the web but didn't come up with anything... It's in the vaults somewhere but not sure where.... It is on a Mark Moore CD with a load of old 90's house looks quite good dare I say it!!!

Also, had a quick look at their site & HTFR appear to have 1 in stock, give em a call tomorrow and see if they'll play it down the phone to you!!!!
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