the new motorcycle tune....

I like it .... Motorcyle .. When The Rush Comes .. in fact, this is the first 12" I've received as a present .. (Thanks Mike).
I havent heard it yet because very few people have it, namely tiesto, G&D and a few others as far as i know. It took ages before as the rush comes was released but hopefully it wont be the same with this one. Depends whether it'll be on armind or postiva.. Or maybe another label :)

I'm sure it'll be on asot soon if not already because i havent listened to em for ages. Asot's are always (unofficially) recorded and available online so i'll keep an eye out :)
nish said:
my soulseek is down :(

Ran a script to check and the server is running. Must be my copy!

Yeh, mine was for several days after Chrimbo. Go and download version 152 and all will be good again. ;)
jamesthemonkeh said:
as the rush comes is out on 5th january i think...i might make it the only single i buy all year

RAGHHHHH!!! We're not talking about as the rush comes!!