the names of these songs


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I'd like to know the name's of these songs please:

This one from a set of Daft Punk & DJ Sneak at El Divino: It's the most techno song of the set. Sounds like an 80s song, gothic and dark with an acoustic keyboard. Recalls me some movies form the 80s: (midnight on a wet, dark and lonely street of a big city or something so).

This one (deep house) is from last summer, a recording in Pacha, by the resident DJ Java: there's a chorus of girls singing: I will follooooow!! Everywhere you take me! ....

does anybody here know their names?
I can help for the second tune...

Una Mas - I will follow

For the other... maybe Daft Punk - Voyager ...not sure...

You're welcome... Hope you'll find the name of the other one!