The Judge

Good analogy!

To be fair, he's trying to clean up his act a bit but he's just a bit too cheesy for me and attracts a lot of beer-boys. But that is just my own opinion and I'm sure he's not going to lose any sleep over it.
Briggs28 said:
Why does everyone in this forum slate judge jules? Is it his mixes, look or attitude?


Id say it would be a healthy dosage of all three
I think he"s very unfortunate to have so many beery hangers on.
He"s usually a bit mundane & a lazy mixer but I"ll never forget his Essential mix at Gatecrasher Summer Sound System in 2001
ive got that essential mix on my computer!!

i agree he can be good to, didnt think much of him at judgement sunday though. Although whenever i ever hear that white lable he played called "intergalactic satisfaction" (bootleg of B Banassi - satisfaction and beastie boys - intergalactic) it allways puts a smile on my face!
did no one hear his ibiza essential mix??????????????????

banging isn;t the word - one of the best sets i've ever seen him play!!!!
Judge is a sorted bloke if you actually get a chance to have a chat!!
He's a show man and likes to be known, unlike tiesto, pvd etc!!

I bumped into the guy in coastline, and had a great chat with him at the dj box for 5 mins or so!!

Give the guy a break!!!
If you ask me, which you havn't, the likes of Carl Cox and Brandon Block are far more up themselves!

We luv ya jules!!
tho I don't like Brandon Blocks stuff, he's deffo not up himself.