The Island of Pag (Novalja-Croatia)


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Anybody been there?
Now with all the commotion about after-hours, DC10, st-tropez etc... it's a good time to look if there are any other alternatives.:)
Is it true that it's like the Ibiza of 15 years ago?

What are the pro's and con's?

Information is hard to come by, but I know there are 3 main clubs and everything is 24/7. Don't know what the music is like though...
Croatian Ibiza...

.... well, mate, if you haven't been there, it might be worth to go. Even though I wanna warn you about the croatian clubbing. I'm not sure, if you gonna find the same quality of music. But definitly, the birds gonna kick off ;-) mpff, I shouldn't say that as a girl, should I? ;-) Anyhow, maybe also check out Makarska...
you will have some fantastic music in in budapest(the best place for prog-house or deep house lovers) or istambul...
I went "clubbing" in Dubrovnik last month. The music at the one proper nightclub was utter crap. Poor pop remixes for the most part and no one knew of any other club in town :confused: