The Ibiza Club-IN Pass ??




Im heading to Ibiza next month and I was wondering if anyone if anyone can give me the lowdown on the Ibiza Club-In pass that is being sold at I would like to know if these are worth it, and I dont quite understand how it works, so if anyone has used it please let me know the info on that to see if I should buy it or not. Any help would be highly appreciated.
My understanding is that you can go to as many of the main clubs as you want over the 3 day or 5 day period depending on how much you pay £99 or £153.

It doesn't really seem worth it to me unless you're planning on going to more than one club in a night. Your better off buying your tickets in a bar during the day before you go out at night.

Here's how much we payed for our tickets when we went a couple of weeks ago to give you an idea:

Friday @ Pacha 36 Euros
Sundays @ Space 20 Euros (that wasn't for the whole day just the night)
Cocoon @ Amnesia about 30 Euros
Garlands @ Pin-Up 20 Euros (I think)
Cream @ Amnesia about 30 Euros
me and a mate bought these before we went out. turned out well. we paid 120quid for a 5 day low season, even tho we were there for only 3 days of the low season, the ticket lady gave us 4 high season tickets and 1 low. so worked out alright. used the 5 nights for manumission at privilege including carry on at space, garlands at pin up, cream at amnesia (amazing set by PVD), 30th anniversary independence day at pacha and the water party at es paradis.
i reckon we did save money, as an average of just under 25quid works out at about 35euros.
thing is, dont believe the VIP crap. doesnt work anywhere.
we didnt lose any money with ours, only reason i would recommend getting them is it saves you worrying about ticket prices over there.