The Goats Are Being Evicted...


They returned today and shot a few more and will be back at some point this week to shoot down another 3 they spotted running free...
As an animal lover I'd go so far as to say this has sullied my idyllic perception Ibiza.

I we positively had to shoot creatures on the Island then surely a five-star hotel cum nightclub would have been the reluctant yet sensible option.



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The goats living on Es Vedra are to be relocated.
The shelter "Can Dog", near Sant Llorenc, wants to give the wild and partially sick animals a new home.
As you might recall, three years ago they were chased by the authorities and released for firing.
Some animals escaped the hunters and the population has since multiplied again.
Now the shelter operators want to take care of the goats still living on the rock.
They want to try to catch them and bring them to Ibiza alive.