The gloves finally come off! Pure goose bump, hands in the air territory!


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Hello m8s!

welcome to the 3rd and last installment of the “Remember Where You Lost It! 2008” trilogy!

As much as we love sexy vocals and glittering choruses, sometimes (usually around 5 AM in the middle of the dance floor) we have the most basic, simple need for something altogether more primal!

All that sweetness on "Remember Where You Lost It! 1" and electro punch on "Remember where you lost it! 2"has to be tempered with some downright dirty dancefloor action for those 5 AM clubbers who refuse to go home!

"Remember Where You Lost It 3" is all about properly losing it.

In session 3 we Kicks things off with edges so sharp it’s practically bleeding!
We Foray into the darker, dirtierDeeper, moodier nocturnal rhythms, where the gloves finally come off and every diamond-hard note packs a floor-filling punch all of its own!
Pure goose bump, Hands in the air territory!

So, there it is, another Maquiavelo Session that your MP3 player will be sick of the sight of due to constant play.

THIS IS A session that demands to be danced to and will hopefully raise a smile from the most cynical of clubbers.

Nightlife has never sounded sexier!
Sexy, sexy, seeexy!

Listen, enjoy and dance around like a loon if you have even the slightest inclination!

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

All the best,

DJ Maquiavelo

To all my fellow DJ’s & producers, music addicts & mates – thank you for inspiring me!

If you should have any problems reading this post you can always view it online at

Track List:

1 [Lil Louis] Blackout
2 [DJ Maquiavelo Mash Up (SIS vs Gel Abril)] Trompeta vs Spells Of Yoruba (DJ Maquiavelo Mash Up)
3 [Dataworx] Control (Original Mix)
4 [Tommie Sunshine] Limit Of Your Mind (Tocadisco's Beach Club Mix)
5 [Luke Chable & TV Rock] Happiness (I'm Hurting Inside) (Nari & Milani Mix)
6 [Amir Barbell, MC Pryme] Lost In Love (Benny Royal Remix)
7 [Edson Pride] Dreams (Original Mix)
8 [Danism, Haze] Strike (Michael Gray Mix)
9 [Djuma Soundsystem] Jaded (Original Mix)
10 [Radio Slave feat. Danton Eeprom] Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
11 [Sidekick] Deep Fear (Phobia Long Club Mix)
12 [RPO, David Weed] The Darkest Simphony Part 1 (Original Mix)
13 [The Cookie Monsterz] Hip Housin (Kid Massive Instrumental)
14 [Anthony Acid] Get Crazy (Dom Capello Remix)
15 [FPS] Fallout (Original Mix)
16 [Nari & Milani] A.T.C. (Original Mix)
17 [Patric La Funk] Restless (Tim Weeks Remix)
18 [Scalambrin Sicily] Flashback (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
19 [Uberfett] El Zoomah (Pierre J Remix)
20 [DJ Maquiavelo] Looney Tunes Finale