The Girl From Ipanema is singing in my head

Tall and tanned, long and lovely the girl from ipenema goes walking and when she passes each boy she passes goes..ahhh!
Funny that you brought it up!! I was humming it all day at work today because I was gonna sing it for a karaoke x-mas thing we're having at work!! What a coincidence! :p
Not really!!! I did come in 3rd place though!!! Would've been 2nd if I didn't goof up the ending of "fernando"!!!! :lol:
Oh congratulations to that!!!!!
Any pointers for me??????
I need to win next time 'round because they give away free airline tickets to 1st place!!!!!!! And I need those tickets!!!!!!!!!!
Ooooh you've peaked my curiosity now!!!
I'm pretty flamboyant and I have no problems on stage but what exactly is it you do????????????????????
Fire Breathing, PoleDancing.........what could it be???? Hee hee!!
:?: :?: :?: :?:
haha no nothing like that...I just got lucky and did a bit of dinging in the past so I won over the former champ, so that felt great hehe!
Well congrats to that (even though it is really delayed)
Everyone deserves to be congratulated when they
kick A**!!!!
Hee hee!! :lol:
see how time flies!!!!
9yrs eh......that was some time ago..........but we'll pretend it just happened so the "congratulations" is more heartfelt!!