The Gallery Xmas Party Part 1 with Paul Oakenfold


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The Gallery Xmas Party Part 1 with Paul Oakenfold
Friday 11th December

Paul Oakenfold
Martin Roth
Adam White
Gavyn Mytchel
The Viceroy

Steve Lee
Graeme Lloyd
Marco Del Horno
Matt Weeks

Loft - Soundas
Dave Eaves b2b Martin Dibble
Lancealot & Lee Cooper
Tristian Gleed & Mavis
Douglas Manfredini

Baby Box - Subbass
Gaty Lopez
Ricky Bruni
Pete Bidwell
Daniel Lay
Jamie Kemp
Paul Beard
Stephan Davies [\b]


The Xmas Party Part One is headed up by none other than the legendary Paul Oakenfold joining him is new international resident Martin Roth and Perfecto artist Adam White. The Box is rounded off by Gallery residents Gavyn Mytchel and The Viceroy. The Bar welcomes long serving Gallery resident and all round ledge Steve Lee alongside Graeme Lloyd.


Hi Martin! Where are you and what are you doing today?

Hi there! I am currently in Frankfurt as I am stopping over from New York to Berlin in my old native city back staying here for an additional day to take the chance to meet my old friends whom I haven't seen for a long time.

You're the new international resident for The Gallery @ MOS, what's the best thing about playing to The Gallery crowd?

In my experience - and I said this already so often - it is everytime a pleasure having a scheduled gig coming up at Gallery @ MOS as it is a kind of "definitive sureplayer" - I mean: you can be sure it will be a fun night, a busy night, another memorable gig and meeting many friends and people I know from the last months and years.
And ... I really like London.

You're next gracing the decks at The Gallery on the 11th for their Xmas party. Do you have anything festive planned for your set?

OMG - good point .. .haven't thought about that so far but you are right > I should take that into consideration definitely. Ahhh ... I have an idea ... yes, I will work something festive out! hahaha - Looking forward to that!!

Last time The Gallery spoke to you, you were busy jetting off round the world from South America, Asia, to Russia. Which ones have been your personal highlights? (Please go into detail)

Two things are coming to my mind which had been my personal highlight in the past months: While being on tour in Australia my very best friend from Aussie got married and celebrated with many friends, family and people I became very close with as well ... and the second thing was extending my stay in Argentina being together with my girlfriend from Buenos Aires for two weeks.

Do you have any funny rituals you have to do before gigs? Have you ever heard /seen any other DJs do any?

Figuring out what drink I am having this time keeping me away from the bathroom. Still haven't succeeded in finding the perfect drink for not running to the toilet while playing 3 times ;o)

How long does it normally take you finish a track from start to finish? What are your main motivations in the studio?

That really varies from track to track. Sometimes a track is nearly ready in one night ... then you are taking 2 months for being happy with the next one - you never know before ...
But usually you are coming to a result the fastest if you are not thinking too much and simply doing what rocks your socks at the moment and simply DOing it ...

What sounds / places are can you predict big things for in 2010?

Really hard to say for the upcoming year ... musicwise it is very hard atm to give a prediction where the next train is going to ... but I for myself am trying to invent something new & unique like I did with "NuStyle" 12 months ago.

What's the nicest thing you've ever eaten out of a can?

Ratatouille, 1,10€, LIDL-supermarket (Germany), awesome ..!

How would you sum up this year for Martin Roth?

Life is (not) a Remix (anymore).

What's next for you?

I am closing December and also January with a lot of time in the studio ... the year was really really good but I haven't found the time for the really essential stuff: for really good and fresh productions and this is what I am looking forward to do in the next weeks and then testing them out in the US where I am kicking off the new year in 2010.


Where and how does The Gallery find you on this fine day?
I've actually just got home from my honeymoon in Cuba so feeling extremely relaxed right now

You are playing this coming Friday at The Gallery at Ministry of Sound, what can we expect from you?
I am playing before Paul so I'll get the opportunity to play a slightly different sound to what I'd usually play. The pace will be a little slower and the groove will be a little housier but they'll still be all of those melodic elements that you'd expect to hear in an Adam White set

Which 3 to 5 tracks, if forced to pick them, really sum up 2009 for you?
CALVIN HARRIS - I'M NOT ALONE(I know it's become massively commercial but it still sounds amazing every time I hear it)
U2 - MAGNIFICENT (Adam White Remix)
DEADMAU5 - I REMEMBER (best vocal of 2009)

Which djs / producers have really caught your eye and ear this year and are destined for bigger things in 2010?
Daz Bailey has been constantly producing some amazing tracks and has a way of fusing house and trance perfectly

What have you got in the pipeline that is coming up in the next few months?
My first mix compilation for Perfecto is released in January which I am really excited about. Every trance DJ today found there way with the help of Perfecto's releases throughout the late 90's and to be a part of moving things forward into the next decade is an amazing opportunity to be a part of.
What will you be doing this festive period and New Years?
Christmas is all about friends and family so I am looking forward to taking some time out and eating plenty of mince pies and drinking plenty of red wine. I've got 2 shows this NYE so I won't be able to relax for too long.

What is top of your Xmas Present wish list this year?
I think if I could have anything for Christmas this year it would be a set of CDJ2000's. They look ****ing awesome.

What is the worst present you have ever received and why?
I think I've actually been fairly lucky with presents to be honest though when I was younger, almost everything I got for Christmas broke within a day - I had the worst luck as a child with things not working and having to wait till the shops were open again to change them. Looking back over 2009 can you pick out a few really special / poignant moments or events?
My wedding had totally over-shadowed every experience I've had this year. It was an amazing day. Weren't you supposed to be a bridesmaid anyway?

And what are you most looking forward to in 2010?
New sounds, new clubs, meeting new people and having allot of fun doing it

10.30pm - close

Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt Street, London, SE16DP

Capacity: 1,500 // Tube: Elephant & Castle

Contact: 020 3189 0076 // 020 7740 8627 //

Prices: £6 NUS // £10 Members // £13 Advance // £15 on the door // £6 after 3am
(unless stated otherwise)

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