The Gallery NYE Special @ Ministry of Sound!


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Ahead of The Gallery New Years Eve at Ministry of Sound, which you have very wisely bought tickets for, we wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we only have a few hundred of tickets left.

As there will be no more tickets on the door this your last chance to ensure that everyone near and dear to you has their ticket to see in 2010 at The Gallery at Ministry of Sound. So if you have any mates who have yet to sort their ticket out then this is the last chance to do so!!!

You can get last minute tickets by heading to



Riley and Durrant Interview and Podcast

Ahead of taking over the bar Nick and Andi lay down a 60 mins of their set from the Privilege closing party this Summer in Ibiza to get us in the mood.

You can grab the podcast by visiting

We caught up with the guys to chat about 2009 and much more

Hi guys! How are you both? Tell us about your day so far!

Andi: Today’s been a bit stressful actually! I know it’s hard to call what we do a “job” but like most people we’ve still got deadlines to meet. We had 2 remix requests come in last week for the new Chicane single and Robbie Rivera’s new track, both of which needed finishing on the same day so we’re holed up in our studio with a stock pile of Red Bull.

Q1. Your night Electrik Playground is taking over the bar at Ministry of Sound for The Gallery’s very special NYE party, anything exciting lined up for the night? How have the Electrik Playground parties been going in 2009?
Nick: We’re really excited about taking over the bar and playing a 3 hour set on New Years Eve.. We often only get to play 90min sets when we’re travelling about at the weekends, but for this one we’ll be setting up the laptops, getting properly involved, and playing all the amazing music that’s been rocking our sets over the last 12 months.

Andi: As it’s NYE it would be rude not to throw in a few classics as well. Tania Von Pear will also be showing us all why Toolroom Records have been THE label of 2009.

Nick: All our Electrik Playground events have been beyond what we could have hoped for this year. We were lucky enough to be residents at Privilege in Ibiza every Monday night this summer for a marathon 16 week season with Tiesto, and our regular parties in Sheffield and at Ministry with the Gallery have all been amazing.

Q2. Does the Electrik Playground still hold an ‘anything goes’ music policy? Give some examples of what The Gallery faithful can expect to hear on NYE or at one of your events?
Andi: We’ve always tried to keep our DJ sets and Electrik Playground parties as genre-less as possible, because like 2 year old kids, we have short attention spans, and don’t want to hear the same music all night long.. it’s always nice for a party to have some kind of progression.. so you start listening to one thing, and a couple of hours later you suddenly notice you’re dancing to something completely different.

Nick: The trick is to do it cleverly so there’s no sudden change of mood and atmosphere on the dancefloor. That said, although we like to think of the music policy as “anything goes”, your not likely to hear any hard dance, RnB or gabba at an Electrik Playground party

Q3. You are given an unlimited budget to hold your very own fantasy NYE party – who would you put on the bill (dead or alive) / Where would you hold it (place / venue) what would people eat and drink and who would you invite?!

Venue: Magna – Rotherham
It might sound like a weird choice to host your ultimate fantasy party in Rotherham (!!!!) but Magna is one of the best venues in the UK. It’s a massive old Steel Works on an epic scale (it’s so big there’s an huge Zeppelin airship INSIDE one of the rooms). There’s loads of the old steel-working machinery and furnaces still intact but they’ve also got cool new bars and places to chill. If we could pick it up and move it to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand to that would be nice.

Line Up:
Room 1: Michael Jackson, The Prodigy, The Killers, Faithless, Sub Focus, High Contract, Delphic, Eric Prydz, Bloc Party, Steve Angello, Laidback Luke.. and Riley & Durrant

Russell Brand, Derren Brown, Richard Branson, all of Girls Aloud, Paul Macartney, Angelina Jolie,

Rider / Food:
Gin, Mojitos, Long Island Ice Teas, Red Bull, Rasberry Daquaris, Corona, and lots and lots of Mexican food.

Q4. What’s the secret to a great DJ / production partnership? How does your style compliment one another or do you fight all the time?!
Andi: It might sound weird, but unlike a lot of other partnerships, we look at ourselves as 1 artist or entity. We don't fight over what styles we are going to play as we both agree on what tracks end up in the wallet, and we’re never competing with each other. We both have different qualities that hopefully compliment each other. For example I tend to take the hands on rule with engineering the tracks and seeking out the music because of my radio shows, whilst Nick is busy running the club nights, signing stuff to the Electrik Playground label and putting on the parties.

Q5. How are the Riley & Durrant productions coming along? Do you think you will do another artist album in the future?
Nick: I'm sure sometime down the line we’ll do another artist album, but at the min we are enjoying remixing and making some proper dancefloor music.

Q6. Which producers / DJs are you currently loving at the moment?
Andi: Avicii has been knocking out some awesome stuff this year. We’ve played at least one of his tracks in nearly all of our sets. Angger Dimas looks like someone else to keep an eye on for 2010.

Q7. What / where has been your best gig in 2009?
Andi: Without a shadow of a doubt its got to be our set at the Privilege closing party in September. Sometimes you get those gigs where everything flows and works perfectly. There was about 10,000 people packed into the venue, 360 degrees around whilst we played from the middle of the swimming pool, acrobats riding unicycles on tightropes about our heads, people dancing on every surface and the most charged atmosphere I’ve ever seen.

Nick: Half an hour before the end of our set I remember taking a step back and thinking “F*** me, it doesn't get much better than this” - the buzz was probably one of the biggest I have ever had...

Q8. What have you been most impressed and least impressed with in the music industry this year?
Nick: Most Impressed With – The shear amount of brilliant music that’s been around, artists are experimenting a lot more at the moment and DJs have been given more room to experiment and explore new genres. House DJs are playing trance, trance DJs are playing house, everyone’s playing techno,

Andi: Least Impressed With – The blatant cheating that goes on the the DJ Mag Top 100. You know who you are. At the end of the day, let your music and gigs do the talking. Also cowboy promoters who advertise you without any intention of ever playing!

Q9. What’s in store for Riley & Durrant in 2010?
Nick: An awful lot of productions, remixes and new music. Our Electrik Playground label is going from strength to strength and we’ve got some properly exciting new people releasing stuff on the label next year. We’ll hopefully be returning to Ibiza in the summer and building some big parties with the Gallery at Ministry of Sound.

Andi: Keep an ear on the Galaxy radio shows to.. over the last few months I’ve had Moby, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke, The Prodigy, Pendulum, Tiesto, Axwell and loads more all coming on for a chat and guest session, and we’ve got some big plans for expansion in the new year.

Q10. Tell us a Riley & Durrant fact or secret that not many people know…
Nick: I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and once played chess against Margaret Thatcher.

Andi: I was supposed to be a graffic designer and still do a lot of artwork, flyers and posters for UK club nights. Michael Aspel (from This Is Your Life) is my 3rd cousin.
The Gallery NYE Special - Set Times

Ahead of 'The Gallery' NYE Special tonight at Ministry of Sound, we'd like to let you know that tickets are available on the door from 9pm!

The Gallery NYE Set-Times:

Matt Hardwick: 10.00 - 11.30
Tall Paul: 11.30 - 01.00
Gavyn Mytchel: 01.00 - 02.00
Simon Patterson: 02.00 - 03.00
Sander Van Doorn: 03.00 - 05.00
Judge Jules: 05.00 - 06.30
The Viceroy: 06.30 til close

Lee D - B: 09.00 - 11.00
Riley & Durrant: 11.00 - 02.00
Gareth Harding: 02.00 - 04.00
Tania Von Pear: 04.00 - 06.00