The Gallery interviews Sander Van Doorn & Chris Lake!


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Morning Mr Doorn, how does The Gallery find you on this fine day?
Hi I'm good thanks, in America on a tour recovering from flu but I am on the mend!
You are back at The Gallery at Ministry of Sound this coming friday, so what you been up to since your last visit?
Well since February I've had a couple of South American tours, two US tours, Trance Energy in Australia, a visit to Kuala Lumpur and lots of European shows. In the studio I've been working on my releases by Sander van Doorn, Sam Sharp, Purple Haze and my Marco V collaboration 'What Say'. Remixing wise I've got my remix of Olav Basoski's remake of the classic Pancake 'Don't Turn Your Back' record, and Depeche Mode's new single 'Peace'. So all in all it's been pretty busy!
This Friday is all about your new concept 'Dusk till Doorn' so come on then spill the beans whats it all about?
Well to be honest I'm really looking forward to it. It's something we've been working together with the Gallery on for some time so I know it's going to be special. Dusk is the magical part of the night after the sunset, so we're trying to recreate that magic in the club. I'll be playing three sets, inbetween some of my favourite DJs, so I really can't wait.
You have hand picked the main room lineup, give us the lowdown on who you have playing with you?
Well opening and closing the night as usual for me are residents Gavyn Mytchel and The Viceroy, Joining them will be Jon Rundell and Simon Patterson - two artists who I work with on my label, Doorn Records, and I know they'll be playing great sets which is why having them there will be special for everyone.
What else can we expect from Dusk till Doorn in the coming months?
My aim is to eventually play as many Dusk Till Doorn nights as I play normal nights, so it's very apt to be launching the night at the Gallery which is one of my favourite nights to play. Dusk Till Doorn is off to Eden in Ibiza on the 7th June and there will be more dates announced very soon.
What recent studio activity can we look forward to hearing on the dancefloor this coming friday?
Well as I mentioned earlier I've just finished my Depeche Mode remix so that ones hot off the press, what will be interesting is playing 3 sets so it gives me a chance to play my different studio styles in one night.
What are your current top 3 tunes?
My top 3 tracks at the moment are
1 Depeche Mode 'Peace' (Sander van Doorn remix)
2 Patrick Page 'Falling Out'
3 Robbie Buri 'Poker'
What are you most looking forward to over the rest of the summer?
I have a residency at Cream in Ibiza which will be fun, I'm playing the UK festivals Creamfields and Global Gathering, and I've got a tour of China, where I'm looking forward to going back to after being there last year.
And finally where have you seen the most amazing sunset and dusk?
Recently in Perth, Australia, on the Trance Energy tour I was playing in an ampitheatre at dusk and that was phenomenal.
and the best dawn, sunrise on your travels?
There's only one place for this - it has to be Ibiza in the summer!


Morning, how does The Gallery find you on this fine morning?
Good morning! Late.... as per usual... running for a flight to Canada as I type... so apologies for any shocking grammar!
You are playing at The Gallery at Ministry of Sound this coming Friday, what have you been up to since we last saw you?
I'm sure you hear this a lot, but it's been pretty much non-stop... after Miami I toured North America for seven weeks promoting my artist album Crazy, with Nervous Records. That was a hell of a ride, but we got so much out of it. Just before going we'd hooked up with a new company called those guys are amazing and right on the money too if you ask me - they supplied us with a magical box and laptop, which allowed us to stream various sets live across the net - how good's that? The tour was followed immediately by three weeks of solid studio time both back in London and out in Italy with friend and producer Lys. And now we're all set for this year's Rising Music Summer Series, first one's out on 3rd June... plug... cough.... plug.... Lake & Lys 'Violins'. Everyone at the labels buzzing about the release schedule - definitely our strongest to date!
Oh yeh... and as if that wasn't hectic enough, we set up Rising Digital too... a new consultancy to the music industry specializing in web 2.0 activity. So yeh... all in all... pretty bloody busy! How about you?
What can we expect from you this coming Friday?
My usual love for deep house is still strong... sorry did that sound a bit like Yoda?... yeh... loving my CD wallet at the moment, lots of tunes on Rising, a lot of tech-house and techno and a couple of vocal beauties too... you know... just for the ladies! ;)
What are your current favourite top 3 tunes?
Easy! ....and for a change all about us!
1. Lys feat. Mooli 'San Francisco Rain' [Rising]
2. Sour Grapes 'Stay for Now' [Rising]
3. Lake & Lys 'Violins' [Rising]
And finally where did you see the best sunset (dusk) or sunrise (dawn) ever?
Sunset: the best sunset for me was about 2 months ago while enjoying some downtime outside San Diego. My wife and I were on a quad bike, overlooking the city, so we stayed up there to watch the sunset. Very peaceful!


Ahead of playing the Box at this coming Firdays Gallery at Ministry of Sound we asked Jon Rundell to provide 60 mins of the best of what he has got - go on you know you want to!!