THE Funniest You Tube Clip Ever - FACT!!!

definitely Glasgow
can see the council logo on the bins

i think its 2 bin men that are filming it

"Oi Lionel" :D

To be fair, that could have been any city early morning.... :lol::lol:

I have watched it with the sound up and without sound - its definately funnier without sound - his facial expressions are magnificent.... :eek:
Good God, I shudder to think how much he'd done to get like that! There was a load of people like him at Glastonbury on the Monday morning this year, the best people watching session i've ever had!
Brilliant! :D

That looks enough like a friend of mine for me to email everyone asking when he was last in Glasgow...:lol::lol:
yeah this is queen street in Glasgow - just down from George Square.

think the ketamine might have been taken on that morning lol quality..