The Disco War 2009


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this season the Clubs, the Promoters, the PR Girls and everything in between will fight harder than ever before for a piece of the spotlight (or the Ibiza Spotlight in fact), with the credit crunch being the major fear for the island club economy but also the fact that many (older) clubbers are not so anymore happy to pay 50 Euros just to get into Amnesia, Pacha, Space or Privilege.

So Ibiza Spotlighters who do you think will win each day of the week... For now here's what I think! (BTW this season is my 10th year in Ibiza, will I get a prize?)

Cocoon @ Amnesia vs. Tiesto @ Privilege
tough one but I reckon Cocoon will be the biggest night on a monday, after all Techno is still super cool and the italians/spanish crowd are not very much into Trance

Carl Cox @ Space vs. Armada/Release Yourself @ Amnesia
although the combined powers of AvB and RS can scare big Coxy a bit, his big tunes will make him the Tuesday winner again. No question about it

Subliminal Sessions @ Pacha vs. Meganite @ Privilege vs. La Troya/Espuma @ Amnesia
the Spanish will pack Amnesia, the Technoheads Privilege... but Morillo crowd will be the biggest I reckon

F*** Me I'm Famous @ Pacha vs. Cream @ Amnesia
two mammoth parties, and Cream is been there forever but, this year Guetta will be unstoppable. He has a future Number 1 in the Pop Charts with former Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland too. Guetta=MONEY

Pure Pacha vs. Wonderland @ Eden vs. SupermartXé @ Privilege
Pacha will be the one that will make the most ca$h but Privilege will have the biggest crowd, after all SupermartXé is the new Manumission

Defected @ Pacha vs. Hed Kandi @ Space vs. Matinée @ Amnesia
I really can't predict, you know... Matinée last year was quieter but maybe with such a shocking move (after 7 years at Space no less) will wake up its core fans, Defected line-up this year is weak in my opinion, they have an amazing rooster of DJs but way too many nights this season are focused on the Def Mixers so in the end... I believe Hed Kandi at Space will win (and NU DISCO room looks ACE)

We Love... @ Space vs. Judgement Sandays @ Eden
ok, first and foremost Flower Power is always rammed but it's not weekly so it doesn't count... We Love... is always the top sunday afternoon, evening, nighter in Ibiza and it has again best line-up of DJs in the world (ok minus Luciano and Villalobos)... and men they are bringing GRACE IN SPACE.
Well I was hoping all the clubs I go to would have a little more room to dance and no more sweaty pits rubbing against my face i those hands in the air moments lol