The difference between 'your' and 'you're'

How very anal... but if we are gonna get that way then who the f**k uses three question marks? Very poor grammar 8)
yes, also a comma should be used after the word right.

also, what does btw mean?


btw means by the way!

btw my grammar is fabulous when needs must but if i dont wanna use it then i jolly well wont you can read what i said right add punctuation wherever you feel it is required :lol:
oh naked age, you have so much to learn about the mother country...

your "cut out and keep" guide

scousers - charming characters from north west of England with occasional sidelines in comedy, music, kleptomania or football nostalgia

jocks - scary hairy orange people from the northern wastelands who like drinking but never buying rounds. They wear skirts but they're not gay.

brummies - they used to make cars, often heard complaining on radio phone-ins, nobody understands their accent

geordies - they all look like barcodes, and have tattoos of fallen football idols, nobody understands them either

cockneys - anyone from south of Birmingham, east of reading, north of calais (delete as applicable), the most patriotic people in the universe and they won the world cup 43 years ago singelhandedly and they love the queen, their mums and only hurt their own