The Clubs I have been to so far..........Sept 7th to the 15t



So far I have really liked all the parties I went to!!! Of course!!

I went to see Dave Pearce - Euphoria Closing at Eden!
I loved this one, it was really really good!!!
I got a free t-shirt and poster too!! =) Always fun

Next I saw Manumission at Priviledge.
This was neat, it was really fun to watch the show while I was dancing. And also I liked the side room in the morning after the main one was done.

Then I went to Godskitchen closing at Eden.........
I loved Fergie!!!!!! He was really good. And there is an encore on the 17th.........can you guess where I am going???

Of course I went to see Tiesto at Cream on the 12th.........
I love Tiesto! Tall Paul was there too

Next I went to Eden again on Sunday for Judgement Sundays
I really liked Judge Jules.......despite whatever controversy, I liked the music!
And I loved Anne Savage, she was really good!! And Ferry Corsten too!!

Tonight I am going to Cocoon to see Sven Vath. And tomorrow Godskitchen Encore!! and then thurs Cream closing!!
These will all be good!!!

I am having such a good time here, hope everyone else is as well!
Hey Tocaloca, you should notice that she´s Canadian, not British...
So, if it wouldn´t be worth leaving UK for it, it was sure worth leaving Vancouver... right, Amber ? :twisted:
I don´t like trance, but I met this sweet girl at Bora Bora and I am sure she had the time of her life in the island. :D
Yes, thank you Thiago, I did have a nice time!! I went to Bora Bora on my last night to say goodbye and then to Cafe Del Mar, that was nice!!

Tocaloca: How would you make a good time of this if you think the closing parties are boring?? Or just those ones? Obviously I like that music so I had a good time.