The Blue Marlin


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First heard about this place when a mate of mine went to it at the end of Aug last year. Is it worth heading over to for the day/night? Is it something like Bora Bora? all comments and advice welcome
I went for the first time one September afternoon last year.

I quite liked it. We chilled on their comfy beach loungers with relatively attentive wait service supplying the drinks. Then had a delicious dinner on the large outdoor terrace of the restaurant.

Didn't seem like a Bora Bora-type place at all, at least not on the day we were there. They have a DJ but he was playing some chilled sounds, better for just hanging out and enjoying.

There was a wedding reception taking up part of the terrace that day, so that might not be typical. Maybe on other occasions they have a more lively thing going on. Plus, we didn't stay too late in the evening (maybe 8ish?)

More insight, anyone?
Cheers. Will make a point of heading down there one day. I think getting there about lunch time, chill out with a few beers through the afternoon then a meal later on with a decent bottle or two of wine then taxi back about midnight. cant wait