The Big question !!



Hey Mates, :idea:
I´m here writting representing me and my friends. :D :oops: :twisted: 8) We´re going to Ibiza first time in our lives, we´ve been reading this forum and following the tips to plan our tour.
We are Brasilians and we have some questions very important not answered yet. I wonder if a good soul could help us... We´re arriving there at august 29th and we need to make plans from friday- monday.

What are your suggestions...

The really important thing to us is: "WHERE DO THE THINGS HAPPEN???"
If it was too hard to notice, what we are really looking for is for pretty women (the main main thing :D ), happy people, good music and stuff like that... 8)
Hey Fulano

Welcome to the board

I would recommend...

Pacha Pure on friday 29th with Pete Tong & Smokin Jo & Miguel Migs

Saturday night you've got Hed Kandi @ El Divino or Def Mix with Morales @ Pacha

Sunday - We love Sundays @ Space with DJ Sneak

See you there :p
What about the Terrace and DC-10?
I´ve heard a lot about it.

There´s other question... Do you people ever sleep at the Island??

:p :p
The terrace I presume is Space.... we love Sundays @Space is open in the morning throught til Mon Morning then usually on to dc10 (only Mondays) ;)
I´ve seen a site with pictures of girls from Zurich! Amazing!
If that´s true, I wouln´t get out of there!!
Hey Fulano

You Should Check out Slinky With Guy Ornadel

We arrive on the same night as you guys we are from sydney Australia..

But Pacha would be amazing though...

Have fun see you there :D