The Best Trance Party

LokiUS530 said:
What do you think is the best trance party :p :twisted:

in ibiza?

when godskitchen was at amnesia it was that. But now it has to be cream, which is also at amnesia.
yeah i herd cream is awesome :p are there any underground parties on the island?
Nowdays Cream undoubtfully.

Never had the chance to attend Godskitchen @ Amnesia, what a pitty :confused:
I sure do.
Same thing can also be said about many other clubnights that disappeared from the island. but then again, instead of those that have disappeared came new ones.

"Out with the old, in with the new?"

Or at least so do wise people say ;)
I´d say that Cream definately is the biggest trance event there....hopefully there will be more trance this year withthe rumours of Space doing a trancenight, ect......
rustywoo said:
Tribe of Frog at Las Dalias
alex311279 said:
its dosnt get any better than cream really,pvd and tiesto as resident 2 years running! what more could you want!

Less people and space to dance would be nice.....