The BEST place to stay - money no object



What's up Kids?? Let apologize in advance if this has been asked before but maybe this will get a good convo/debate going. My question is: "IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT, WHERE WOULD YOU STAY?". I knwo it would be easy to find the most expensive 5 star resport but I wanna know what the BEST ALL AROUND is. This includes location, accomadations, how luxrious, and what kind of people stay there. I've heard that some resorts are frequented by mostly families while others seem to attract more clubbers. Obviously I'd like to stay with my own kind!!

Thanks in advance for the help...

(New England, USA) :twisted:
I'd never stay in the best, since you're never in your hotel!
But getting back to the subject, it depends. If you don't care about being close to clubs, check out some of the 5 stars on the site that are on the other side of the island (Portanitx,Eulalia). Also, there's the Club Med...

Then there's always the option of renting your own Villa!!! If you have a group, that's probably the BEST way to go!
Hey ChannelZero, or should I say "moneybags". I'm from New England too. when you goin', boy?
That villa is NICE....

I worked out that to be for two weeks its £15500 and for the month just under £30000 :!: :!: :!:

You could have you own party on the private beach.....

If i only played the lottery.
NICE NICE NICE...yeah I definitely think we're gonna go with a villa...we're not going until NEXT summer but as you can probably tell I'm already psyched about it!! :p
Thats NICE too...

But, i get sea sick so it will have to be dry land for me.
... these guys stayed in the harbour a long time
catching gazes of kneeling admirers ....

Thats nothing - check this place out - only 2,704,544 Euro's and it's yours to keep...










Here's the details...

This exceptionally luxurious and unique villa has been built during four years and has since been kept in an immaculate state.
Situation:A hilltop of about 32.000 m2 forms the ground for the villa and the amply gardens. It is situated near the village of San Lorenzo de Balafi close to the geographic center of the island of Ibiza. It belongs to the area of Balfia, which used to be one of the first settlements here. The town of Santa Eulalia lies in a distance of 8 Km, the village San Juan 8 KM, Santa Gertrudis, 7 KM.
Views: Fata Morgana has magnificent views: to the east one can see until the beach of Agua Blanca, SE is the area of Santa Eulalia, towards the south the view ends in Formentera with Ibiza town in the middle, towards the NW one can spot the sunset at Benirras beach.
Power + Water Supply: There is a profound and boundless water supply from an own perforation. Electricity is produced by a new 60 kW computerized Diesel generator, with another 30 kW generator as reserve.
Building: Fata Morgana has been built in Moorish style to the plans of one of the most famous foreign (British) architects living on the island. Its design is according to a "small oriental summer palace" of an Arab monarch who's gardener also helped to design and plant the gardens. It has six domes, which are seen as a landmark from far away.
In the center lies the marbled patio with its heated swimming pool of 10 x 6 meters. Elegant arches divide this area from the living space without separating one from the other.
Four bedrooms with attached bathrooms and verandas, a study with small kitchenette, a sowing room are all equipped with built in cupboards, a hi-fi system, SAT-TV, water fountains in each reception room.
The caretaker's apartment is situated on one of the outside walls. A quadruple garage, storage rooms, technical quarters for central heating, decalcifier, pumping and generating three separate phases of electricity are situated in the basement. Altogether there are buildings of over 1.000 sqm constructed.
Furnishing, Decoration and Fittings: All this is to the highest international standards both in taste and quality. Arches, doorways, window frames, etc. have been carefully selected in India and Marocco. Antiques and paintings from indo-arabian heritage have been incorporated very tastefully.
The kitchen has been designed with extra care: it consists of hand made extractable boards and shelves with a separate freezing room attached. The systems for water pressure, central oil heating, automatic main and garage doors are fully up-to-date with easy service. The generators are running just 6 hours/day to fill a bank of modern batteries, which deliver the electricity at a very reasonable price.
Gardens: The tropical garden has a large lake with water lilies and other kind of water plants, fish and frogs. Two large fountains are connected with stone pathways to wooden pavilions and a teahouse flanked by orange trees, hibiscus and palms.
General Information: This description can not replace a personal impression a visitor will get.
... admitted ...
And the best thing: Even middle class hard farter can afford this.
One bad thing about these places:
-> always empty. This is exactly the kind of property which
is bought by success-story-managers or 'so young?' stock brokers
in an effortless manner. It's because they work their ass of they're just
not in ... sad.
Maybe friend NASSER pays people just to use his ship
Me and me mates have hired a 5 bedroom Villa near St.Augustin.

There's 8 of us but the palce looks massive. Nice Pool, BBQ area, big garden etc. only £1,600 between us, not bad.
Pikes. I stayed there for two weeks a couple of years back. The real way to do Ibiza. Pity I cant afford it this year.