The best Ibiza child care and babysitting site ever

Taken note...

(Looks like a great service by the way - where were you a few years back when I really needed help ?! Now I can occasionally bribe my eldest to look after the two younger ones...)
in the planning stages!!

feel free to bribe us whenever you like. :D

are you in ibiza again this summer?
On and off, sadly not whole summer, too many obligations here :cry:

May well be out there in June for a few days with only smallest one so babysitting will be big part of budget !
I wish I had known about this... I've been to Ibiza 4 times with the children.. 2 of those times I went into Space for an hour when they were in kids club , one time I made my mum look after them and I made her friend come to privelege with me and the other time I was on my own with them and couldnt go anywhere lol they aren't coming with me this year!
Anyone know if they still going? Used them in 2011 & they were excellent. Wanted to use them in 2012 but couldnt get in touch. Struggling to get hold of them this year & the holiday is approaching