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“Getting started in the studio with a remix gave me a ton of confidence for my first original production experience.” - Steven Lee from Lee-Cabrera


How many times have up-and-coming producers wished that there were a music professional (or two) in the room with them to show them exactly how it’s done?

Well now, thanks to the innovative The Art Of The Remix interactive training package, that’s exactly what producers at all levels can experience in the comfort of their home or studio.

The Art Of The Remix is an in-depth video course taught by two remix experts. Vincent DiPasquale has worked with everyone from Timbaland to Madonna, while Steven Lee is one half of the dynamic [bL]ee-Cabrera[/b] house music partnership with the legendary Albert Cabrera.

Together they’ve produced seven hours of essential high definition content, available to be streamed online or via a DVD, on creating a high quality remix from start to finish.

The Art Of The Remix is just like sitting right next to a couple of remix experts as they produce a track from start to finish. “Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn by working with some of the most talented producers on the planet,” says DiPasquale. “And people are constantly asking me if they can sit in and watch during a remix. Now they can, as we remix a song together for an actual project.”
"What sets The Art of the Remix apart is that by following each step you'll produce the exact same remix we did in the studio on your system," adds Lee. "Vincent teaches you every single step of the process, and by following along with the provided sessions, you'll be able to recreate the exact same result we delivered to the record label."
By following the video tutorial, the user can create a replica of the remix of Nadia Ali’s ‘Crash & Burn’ that DiPasquale and Lee fashioned. “The entire experience will be something they can then apply to their own remixes and studio projects,” says Steven, who provides the DJ’s perspective on the project.

Working on the maxim that doing something yourself is the best way to learn, The Art Of The Remix is all about familiarising users with the potential of their studio – skills that can then be transferred onto working on their own productions. “It’s all about showing the users the fastest and most efficient way to work in their studio, so that they can constantly ‘stay in the creative work flow’ rather than being a slave to their software,” says Steven.

Remixing, where you are given all the constituent parts to work with is a great way of getting into producing your own individual tracks. Many of today’s top producers learned their craft by starting out remixing for other people.

Most budding producers know that reading a manual is a very dry way of learning, and that being shown by professionals enables your talents to come on in leaps and bounds. The tutorials on The Art Of The Remix are on Logic Pro, but can be applied to any type of music production software.

Top industry players like Dirty Vegas and Jimmy Douglass, producer/engineer for Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake, have recommended The Art Of The Remix.



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Steven Lee is one half of which famous house music act?

A) Lee Cabrera
B) Lee & Perrins
C) Bruce Lee

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