I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me out with all their posts. I just got back from Ibiza for my first time. I was very nervous about going since I went by myself, but after reading all of your posts, it really helped me out. Thank you so much! I had a blast and can't wait to go back!
tellus more brandi
wot did u do?
where did u go?
what was yoru BEST night???

fab that you had a great one! and this gives all others out there more hope!
I met some people on the plane that were from Madrid that took care of me and they were a blast! Only one of them spoke english, but I still had the best time EVER with them!! I think the best time I had was definetly Space opening. I have never had so much fun, then the next day at DC10 I got to have my pic taken with Carl Cox which was awesome. I loved Pacha as well. Went to Bora Bora, El Divino, a little bar called El Alternativo ( I think?), a huge house party out in the country side which was awesome. I loved Formentera! Hopefully I will make it back next year. And hopefully the photo developer will find my pictures as they seem to have lost them :cry: .
wow mate that sounds incredible!!! sooo nice you met up with randoms and they looked after you and you had the best time!
amazing isn't it language not even being a barrier!!

everything sounds great, picture will our coxy nice one! :D

hope they find your piccies tooooooooo, thats a bit of a bummer :confused:
this is what the islands about, random strangers meet and help eachother out - kinda just like here in these forums.......awsome!
Sounds great!!
I hope my first time is as enjoyable as yours was.

Good luck with those pics.
klingclubber said:
amazing isn't it language not even being a barrier!!

That pretty much says it all... Ibiza really is the greatest place ever and everyone agrees when you return after your first time. Glad to hear you had it proper, Brandi.
They found my pictures!!!! YAY!!! Now I am even more excited about how my trip went than before. They turned out awesome. Not as many pictures of the beach as I thought that I took, but there are some great ones of me and my new amigos at the clubs!!!
it was my 1st time last week & I had a ball! 9 of us went. We only went clubbing 3 times, but that was enough for me. Rest of the time I explored the island & chilled. I'll be back soon......