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got back from a week in Ibiza on saturday august 16....just wanted to thank all of the great people i met out on the island....the Brits are by far the coolest people in the was my second year out there and i think ill be coming out for the rest of my life...its so depressing to be back in NYC right now but man i will be making a trip to the UK soon to say whats up to some of the peeps we met out there...
Welcome back Joe!! I got back August 3rd. I miss Ibiza as well but I'm using this month to hang out with friends and reflect on my trip. And hey, you must admit it's not too bad in New York in August ;)
well i gotta say i love NYC...its the greatest place in the world in my opinion and i can never live anywhere else permenantly....its just upsetting how ibiza is so care free of any worries and people are always smiling and forgetting about attitudes, no bullshit...which is the european way and unfortunately it shows how sometimes americans live in a bubble...but like i said i love my city and love being an american...just wish we had a vibe like that somewhere in this country