Temporary Cell Phones in Airport?

Rebecca G

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Can anyone tell me if the airport (or anywhere else) offers temporary cellphones? If you have an idea of the cost, that would be cool too. Thanx!
You mean to use whilst you are on the island?

As far as I know, no - but I picked up a cheap Pay As You Go phone for about 40 euros 2 years ago. Comes with a little bit of credit to use and can be topped up almost everywhere.

last year I bought a cheap Pay as you go phone for about 40 - 50 euro... helped me out immensely when tryingt to get a hold of people.. its always a big pain coming from Canada where our phones are ona different network.

This year I plan on using my old phone I bought last year but will have to get a new simcard I beleive since my account would have been deactivated.
So where in Ibiza exacly can you get a pay as you go phone. More specifically in San Antonio?

specifically at the Orange shop.. I'm sure there were other places, but thats where I got mine.. it was so quick and easy. well worth it as when you are trying to meet people, even when you lose someone in a club, its easy to just send a text, instead of losing them.. or trying to find a pay phone.