Tell me, did anyone 'hear this in the clubs in ibiza'


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A remix of Cherie Blair's karaoke session in China is being played in clubs in Ibiza and Ayia Napa.


She sang after the Prime Minister was asked to sing by a group of students at a Beijing university.

True to her Liverpool roots, Mrs Blair belted out The Beatles hit When I'm 64.

A 'house' track featuring Mrs Blair's vocals was played on Channel 4 News.

Speaking from Ayia Napa, DJ Nathan Morley said it could prove this summer's unlikeliest hit.

"I thought it was a joke and thought it was appalling," he said.

"I heard it very late at night and I thought it may be a DJ just messing about.

"But the people in the club were fairly drunk so the reaction was fairly good."

The DJ added: "I suspect some DJ saw this on the news, took it up to his bedroom, mixed it around, sent three copies out to DJs and he may have a surprise hit on his hands."
I have the promo! Its on my comp at home. Its called 'when i'm 64' but i forget the artist. i'll take a look when i get back. Its not particularly good though!
I saw it in HMV in Liverpool the other week, entitled, ingeniously, 'When I'm 64'