Telephone connections abroad


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OK, I know you are going to think I am saddo, geeko etc etc BUT...

I am going to Teneriffe in a couple of weeks, and want to take my laptop. It's only to be able to place my bets on the horses, as I systematically follow certain ternds to make a few quid.

We are staying in a villa, and presume it has telephone sockets, is it possible to connect to an ISP from such places???

Please don't all throw the rotten fruit at once :D :D

BTW, computers r the last thing on my mind when it's the real thing in Ibiza!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Im sure you can pick up a free CD from a spanish ISP pretty easily.
Computers and holidays don't mix, you know that (sorry). Seriously though, I reckon you should dump the laptop and just use an internet cafe. Cheap and cheerful and I used one in Ibiza last September for the exact same thing. No risk then.
you will need a socket adaptor because spanish sockets are different to uk ones.
if the phone there has a plug and socket on the base unit you can whip that out and stick it in the corresponding socket on your lappy. thenuse the microsoft referral service to find out your local ISPs..... The only problem in a hotel will be dialling 9 for an outside line, and the extortionate costs of using hotel systm for internet. (sometimes about 18p/minute for local off peak calls..... which also assumes your ISP has local dial-up rates. The other side of the island (santa cruz being the "break point" can get classed as a "long distance call" - depending on WHERE you call it from. (like public phone boxes I think charge it as long distance, most home phones don't)....
Sounds like you're going to need fairly continual access to the lines too - so net cafes the best bet. Where bouts are you staying, or is it a case of all english package holidays ending up at Playa nowadays?