techno tune id



I went to a couple of the cocoon nights (including closing) and there was a really loud bassy sounding german tune which both Ritchie & Sven played which I really want to find. It has what sounds like a big rave horn sample in it and is one that you would jump up and down to as it has a big bassy beat which although is quite funky is really fierce. I am not sure how long it has been out for ie whether it is a summer release or whether I have heard Jeff Mills playing it earlier on in the year. Any ideas anybody? :rolleyes:
John Starlight - Blood Angels?

Forget what labels its on.

Big horn sample that makes yr ears bleed in the breakdown?
Thanks for the tip but I don't think that it is the track - as I know that one is on the Cocoon third season CD which I have. Unless the new Chris Liebing or Tom Wax remixes of Blood Angels are very different to the original, this is not the one I am looking for.

Thanks for trying any more ideas would be welcome. I will however try to check out the other remixes just in case as the track I am looking for is more pared down than this original mix with none of the little blippy sounds and more the rave horn sound and bass which is pretty loud so they could possibly still be connected if you wanted the sound to go from weird to scary :confused: