Technics 1200 Decks

Jam Man

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Haven't played vinyl for over a year now and despite the boxes upon boxes of 12" in the loft I'm seriously thinking of selling my decks.

I remember they were £700 each when I got them but how much are they worth now?

Only used them in the house so they're in good condition as the clubs I played in always supplied their own. Complete with Ortofon stylus & spares.

Ebay prices are all over the place so difficult to get an idea of their true value?

Has anyone sold or bought any recently?

Hold on to them for another 10 years and they will be Antiques!!

Will see you on the BBC Antiques roadshow wetting your Damart underwear when the guy tells you they are worth £400:lol:

Whatever you do dont sell them undervalue they were brilliant decks in their day and worth every penny.

What are the bids on EBay?