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I know most people here prefer clubbing and I like it too despite the passing years. Its still a great night, but increasingly, only if the presenters have actually put some work into it and make a good show for your 30 to 50 Eu. Not like the ****Me Im Famous I went to in June which was absolute pants and played to a half full house (I really hope he's not been playing the same set all summer). No effort or inventiveness seemed have gone into it and the headline DJ David Guetta was hardly seen -- never mind all that.

What Im here to say is that if you look a bit harder you can find some great musical alternatives. im missing the Eivissa Jass 2008, belatedly sorted by the joventud whatsit on the ayuntament, in early sept 4 to 7th, I recall, where you can see some of the best young jazz artists from all over europe, the headliners are from Scaninavia, and are very talented.

Also here is the listing for Teatro Pereyra in September, Im gong to some of these

From Monday to Saturday: · Markus Flaherty - Vocals & Guitar.
· Rafael Garcés - Sax. (from Cuba -fantastic)
· Allan Christie - Guitar & Vocals.
· Tom Worrall - Piano.
· Eveline Karels - Drums.
· Luis Garcia - Bass & Keys.
Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz.

Special Guest on Tuesdays and Fridays: Laura Fowles aka "Lovely" Laura - Sax. (not to be missed by anyone who claims to be a living human)

Sundays until end of September: Barbara Tucker LIVE (full on diva stylie)

They all tend to kick off about 11-30 until about 2-30 maybe a bit later so they're an ideal warm up (if you like).

The increasing trend to blend club and live music is making a lot of peoprle think I'd love to do that and participating in real music of all kinds, its got to be a good thing...... then we all go clubbing afterwards!